It is known that Piraeus and its wider region as from 1950 is the main industrial center of Greece. In 1977 the business industrial parties of Piraeus submitted a substantiated request to at that time Ministry of Industry for the creation of an organized industrial area in order to relocate manufacturing activities from residential areas, to ensure more favorable infrastructure conditions and uninterrupted business action.

One of the initially selected areas for relocation, was in the region where today Schisto Business Park is established. In a short time the relevant feasibility study was completed, but in 1988 after the opposition of region’s mayors, the implementation actions were temporarily suspended.

At the end of the 1990s, due to ETBA ( National Bank for the Industrial Development) initiative, the Industrial Park of Schisto was built in smaller space than the initial one. In the beginning of the new millennium, after the completion of the urban planning and the basic infrastructure works (excluding electricity and communications infrastructure), the sale of plots and sites started for the entrepreneurs interested to establish their businesses.

By the Ministerial Decision of 4441/342/2013 (Government Gazette 143/A), the Schisto Industrial Park (VIPA) has been subjected to the provisions of Law 3982/2011, as a (B) Type Business Park and its Rules of Procedure have been approved.

With modern perception for progress and development, the Body of Management and Administration (VIPA S.A.) and the established businesses have created the most active, well structured and modern Business Park in Greece, which constitutes a model for other regional Industrial Parks. The buildings are modern, functional and constructed to provide to all 2,500 employees the most comfortable and healthy working conditions. At the Business Park of Schisto are currently located 82 high-tech production units specialized in mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, carpentry, rolling, tubing, metallurgy, shipbuilding repair works. Furthermore, there are enterprises conducting repairs and inspections of rescue means, zinc foundry, aluminum, brass, construction and repair of propellers, boilers, fittings, accumulators, air conditioners, production of anodes etc. These companies possess the most modern mechanical equipment, excellent know-how and technical expertise to render their services to various industries of all branches in Greece and abroad, 24 hours daily during the whole year.

The Schisto Industrial Park has attributed a special attention to cleanliness and recycling. Thousands of trees have been planted in the communal part of the Park. Shared outdoor parking spaces have been formed and operated. For the safer traffic within the Park, the communal road network has been traffic signed.

With the needful respect to the environment and the environmental rules and conditions all the enterprises of the Schisto Business Park aim to a further development, to create new jobs and achieve further progress.

Schisto Business Park